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Chile's Presidential elections 2021 in Queensland


We are sending a request to the SERVEL through the Chilean embassy in Australia with the support of the General Consul to bring the ballot boxes to Queensland.

And don’t forget to update your electoral address!

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What do we do?

UQ Chile Association is an academic, social and professional corporate aiming to promote scholarly interaction among Chilean students, alumni and researchers across different areas of knowledge at the University of Queensland.


We also pursue to foster the professional development of Chilean students, alumni and researchers through vital links with the Australian community developing academic and industry networks between Chile and Australia.


Also, the association aims to facilitate social integration and adaptation of Chilean students and researchers to the UQ community and the Australian culture and to provide support concerning the quality of life-related issues.

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University: The University of Queensland

You might be surprised by how many scholarships you are eligible for at UQ.

“Agencia nacional de investigacion y desarrollo”

The totality of the grant instruments, administered by the National Research and Development Agency (ANID), through the Human Capital Subdirectorate, is detailed in here.

UQChile's Members

How to become a member?

Expressing your interest to the management committee, and paying a symbolic membership fee of $5 AUD per annum. Accession to the association is confirmed upon the issue of a receipt by the Association in response to a valid and voluntary application.

Who could be part of the Association?

UQ Chile welcomes all the Chilean students, researchers and alumni at the University of Queensland. The Association is also open to people from other countries that express their interest in becoming a member.

Management Team


Belen Alvarez - President

Belen is a psychologist from P. Catholic University of Chile. She is currently a PhD candidate at the School of Psychology at UQ, where she also works as a research assistant.
Belen has 4+ years of experience in research in social psychology. She was the lab manager of the Social Psychology Lab at P. Catholic University, where she participated in projects related to intergroup conflict, prejudice and social movements.


Maite Reyes - General Secretary

Maite is an anthropologist from the University of Chile. She is studying a Master of Development Practice in the University of Queensland. Maite has experience in strategic consulting, participation and community relations related to mining and other industries. She has coordinated and managed projects that promote local development through the creation of dialogue processes between companies, public institutions and communities. She also participates as an activist in feminist organisations in Chile.


Felipe Chacon Salazar - Finance & Community Engagement

Felipe is a mining engineer with 8+ years’ experience across diverse projects within the mining and explosives industry in the Americas, Oceania, and South Africa.

Currently, he works at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre as a Senior Drill and Blast Consultant; and he is conducting his MPhil candidature at the University of Queensland – School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering – where he also works as a Research Officer Casual.


Organisation: CONICYT

The National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research of the Republic of Chile (CONICYT) is investing in human development to improve the range and quality of education, scientific and technological research and innovation in areas related to socio-economic development and global competitiveness.

The Scholarship Program grants scholarships to candidates from Chile, who have been admitted to a graduate program offered at The University of Queensland.


UQChile Assistance Manual

For those who recently moved into Brissy, remember that you can download our assistance manual for free!

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