Assistance Manual Remember that you can download our Manual for those who recently moved to Brisbane. Download NOW UQ Chile The Association of Chilean Students and Professional at the University of Queensland Learn more Who are we? UQ Chile association is an official body of the University of Queensland affiliated to UQ Union Clubs and societies. The Association was founded in February 2015 and officially recognised in August 2015. Learn more UQ Chile UQ Chile Association is an academic, social and professional corporate aiming to promote scholarly interaction among Chilean students, alumni and researchers across different areas of knowledge at the University of Queensland. Learn more UQ Chile We also pursue to foster the professional development of Chilean students, alumni and researchers through vital links with the Australian community developing academic and industry networks between Chile and Australia. Learn more UQ Chile Also, the association aims to facilitate social integration and adaptation of Chilean students and researchers to the UQ community and the Australian culture and to provide support concerning the quality of life-related issues. Learn more
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